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Share the Javita Opportunity

So now that you have access to the world's most perfect coffee, it's your turn to do what you do best—sit down and enjoy a cup of Javita coffee with your family, friends, co-workers and business contacts and share the Javita opportunity.

Simply put: Drink, Share, Earn.

And with Javita's single serving instant coffee, we've made sharing even simpler.

Some call it word-of-mouth marketing, others call it Social Marketing. Either way, it's a $120 billion industry, and a distribution method used by some of the most successful organizations in the world. We need Social Marketers like you to take our coffee to the corners of the world! Just think about this, you will get paid to drink and share coffee—what could be easier?

We don't spend our money on expensive advertisements, TV, radio or billboards. Instead, we rely on everyday people to share our products with others—to spread the word. It means we reward you instead of paying big ad agencies!