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Javita Lifestyle Bonus Program

Javita Members are hard-working entrepreneurs, building a better life (and lifestyle) for themselves and their families. To show our appreciation for their efforts, we developed the Javita Lifestyle Bonus Program. The Javita Lifestyle Bonus Program is an incentive reward available to Members who achieve the Supervisor rank or higher in the Javita Compensation Plan. This bonus program rewards eligible Members for their continued efforts and is a great marketing tool to help build their Javita business. Javita Members who qualify for the Lifestyle Bonus will then receive a monthly bonus payout to reward their efforts.

To be eligible for the Lifestyle Bonus, the following Member criteria must occur:

Meeting these requirements is the first step toward becoming eligible to receive a monthly Lifestyle Bonus.

After becoming a Supervisor, the Member must maintain their rank and volume during a one-month grace period. The Member will then earn a monthly. The Lifestyle Bonus amounts are as follows:

We recognize that our Members have different lifestyles, dreams and goals so the Javita Lifestyle Bonus Program can be used to help make them a reality.